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Paton Auctions
3706-88th St.,Delta,
BC V4K 3N3
Tel 604 940 0852
Cell 604 644 3497
Fax 604 940 9254


1) We have the finest of auctioneers and bid spotters. They're fast, exciting and make the auction a fun place to be.

2) We never skimp on advertising and promotion. It's not much of an auction without lots of buyers. We'll get your auction into all the right publications, provide direct mail service to our database of buyers and list your auction on our website.

3) Organization and detail. We've done enough sales over the years to know that little things do matter. We realize that your farm dispersal is the culmination of years of hard work and hard times. The auction may be a huge part of your retirement income. It really does matter to us that your auction is a success and that your cattle and equipment fetch the best prices possible.

4) Reputation and trust. Between Ian Sr. and Ian Jr., the Paton's have been doing auctions in BC for 70 years. We've made a lot of friends and earned a lot respect for being honest and trustworthy. We run a straight auction, everyone gets paid on time and we have never issued a bad cheque. We are licensed and bonded and are active members of the "Auctioneering Association of BC".

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